Call for Action / Aufruf auf Englisch

No Future for Nazis!

Following the motto „Day of German Future“ (TddZ – german abbreviation), Nazis from all over Germany want to hold a march in Dresden on June 7th, 2014. It was in 2009 in northern Germany when the Nazis started to usethis motto to make their inhuman ideology against alleged „foreign infiltration“ heard in the streets. This Nazi-event is now supposed to get a new boost in saxony. It is mainly supported by Nazi-comradeships and autonomic nationalists. In Dresden they are specifically supported by the „Free Forces?“ around Maik Müller, main organiser of the annual Nazi marches in February. The phrase „German future“ only disguises the German past. „German the Germans“ is perfectly in line with the blood-and-soil ideology used by German fascists. The term „foreign infiltration“ suggests that a perfectly homogeneous ethnic society would be endangered in its very existence by immigration. They thus construct a society with a biologically determined destiny ultimately leading to the violently ostracising or killing of everyone who does not fit the according racist and chauvinistic narrative – as it is proven by Nazi attacks every day. Using such thinking, the Nazis can easily connect to the racist bias of the majority of the society. The organisers are generally agreed on in current debates on asylum by phrases like „abuse of asylum“ (Hans-Peter Friedrich, former Home Secretary) or „Foreign Infiltration“ (Thilo Sarrazin, politician of Social Democratic Party, SPD) as Nazis claim any official aid for refugees or asylum seekers to be an act of „deprivation of the German people“. This is reasoned with a lack of participation of local people when choosing sites for refugee homes. Starting last summer, Nazis now continue to demonstrate with locals not to host refugees in their communities. Using this „pressure from the streets“ they want to create facts forcing local authorities to deny homes for asylum seekers.

Saxony – symptomatic for European conditions

Capitalistic management of crisises is carried out to the back of the weakest using rascist phrases which conveniently diverts attention away from the actual reasons of current problems in society. Regardless whether you look at fortified Europe, where Frontex boats supervise the drowning of refugees at its borders in the Mediterranean Sea, the so-called social migration or racist topics of bestselling books: The phrase of the full boat is reviving all over society and especially people in precarious or socially demanding circumstances tend to hold on these chauvinistic phrases and seemingly easy solutions to their problems. Even SPD ruled states like Hamburg do not show a humanitarian approach in asylum policies. However, this is hardly surprising, as it was the SPD pressing for the Dublin II treaty,which is now the lawful basis of the European defensive system. Saxonys home secretary, Markus Ulbig (Christian Democratic Union, CDU), is perfectly in line with this when he called for the asylum application time to be shortened from 6 to 3 months, only to deport them quicker. With 1025 deportations in 2013 Saxony held the record in Germany, clearly positioning the CDU lead government in the right-wing part of this years election campaign. It is not long before a protest with torches turns into a burning home of asylum seekers – and both are consequences of the circumstances described. 319 victims of far-right violence in 2013 in Saxony second that.

Saxony – local advantages for Nazis

The conditions in Saxony favour a Nazi march of this size as it is a stronghold of the far right National Democratic Party (NPD) with many Nazis living here and operating in a well-organised network. This is shown by some former Nazi comradeships like „Skinheads Saxon Switzerland“, „Storm 34“ or the „Terrorcrew Muldental“ with connections to the „Blood and Honour“-Network supporting local Nazi structures financially by the means of a right-wing music label. Saxony was not only the refuge for the nazi terror group „NSU“, the Nazi terror was supported and covered by a broad network in the public as well as from the state. In preparation for European and local elections this year, the NPD enhanced its propaganda war on the right for asylum. They serve far-right European topics in order to distinguish themselves from „Alternative for Germany“ (AfD). Within Saxony, the NPD has close ties with Nazi comradeships to the extent that some local groups consist purely of „free comrades“. To choose Dresden as the city for the march can be seen as a solution of the Nazis to the problem that the February march and the „Anti-war day“ in Dortmund are now effectively gone and a new big march ought to be established. Saxony with its right-wing conservative government is giving ideal preconditions for this purpose. Essentially, the TddZ is set to gain new momentum for the Nazis in order to be more successful in other cities as well again afterwards.

For years, Dresden has been home to the largest Nazi march in Europe, being a symbol for the celebration of german victim myths regarding the bombardments during World War II. This kind of „mourning march“ was then also seen in other cities like Chemnitz or Plauen. During the last years, however, anti-fascist protests hindered the march in Dresden from happening. It might well be that Nazis now try to re-establish a new big event at a different time point. This comes in addition to the fact that the concept of „mourning marches“ had declining attraction towards Nazis. In the end, a silent a resilient march does not appeal to young Nazis, but aggressive tones and public appearance do. This was already well visible during TddZ marches in the past and now the move away from northern Germany is supposed to happen. And they do find a significant amount of potentially interested people in Saxony.

Saxon Democracy

The ones opposing this conditions and Nazis, are being ostracised, isolated and has to fear prosecution – as it happened in the aftermath of Dresden protests since 2010. „Antifascism is not the solution“, Saxons home secretary Ulbig claimed in 2012, „but democracy“, thus illegitimating all kinds of protest. Within the „Saxon democracy“, antifascists, who are engaged against the far-right, get drawn to court in large numbers with unfounded allegations and often get convicted with totally absurd reasonings. We demand all political trials against antifascists to be suspended.

Blockades – Finally to Dresden in the summer!

We are not stopped by repressive actions. We will continue to block and will also continue to counterpose Nazis whenever they attempt to bring their inhumane ideology to the streets. We will conduct civil disobedience against the Nazi march. No escalation will be provoked from our side. We show solidarity with everyone joining the common goal of stopping the Nazi march.

From small peer groups and get out on the street! We are aware that we cannot change society within one day. But we also know that undisturbed demonstrations of Nazis fuel racism. We are here to stop that from happening! Our political campaign does not stop with the fight of Nazi marches. Just as we fight Nazis and their marches, do we also oppose any racist and nationalistic actions and thinking. We stand for and emancipated society without racism, exploitation and oppression!

On June, 7th 2014 this is our motto:
Nazi march? Prevent it! Block it! Sabotage. No further for Nazis